If You Were a Minted Account Holder or Provided Minted Your Personal Information, You Could Receive Payment and Free Credit Monitoring from a Class Action Settlement

The Claims Deadline has passed. Please contact the Claims Administrator with any questions

The purpose of this Website is to inform you of a settlement in the litigation Atkinson et al. v. Minted, Inc. The settlement will provide $5 million to provide compensation and other benefits for Minted, Inc. users who were affected by a data breach that occurred on or about May 6, 2020 and resulted in the theft of users’ personal identifying information. The information included names, email addresses and hashed and salted passwords, and for individuals who provided that information, telephone numbers, billing and shipping addresses and dates of birth.

The Settlement includes all residents of the United States who had Minted, Inc. (“Minted”) accounts, or provided Minted their name, email address, street address and/or other personal information via email, the Minted website, or other online communications, on or before June 27, 2020. If you are or were a Minted customer you may qualify for payment and/or other benefits.

FILE A CLAIM FOR PAYMENT AND/OR CREDIT SERVICES The only way to get payment and credit services. You must make a claim in order to receive Payment and/or Credit Services. For information about how to file a Claim, see www.MintedSettlement.com. September 16, 2021
EXCLUDE YOURSELF Get no payment. You can exclude yourself from the Settlement by informing the Notice and Claims Administrator that you want to “opt out” of the Settlement. This is the only option that allows you to keep your rights to bring any other lawsuit against Minted for claims related to this case. For information on how to exclude yourself, see www.MintedSettlement.com. September 16, 2021
OBJECT OR COMMENT ON THE SETTLEMENT Object or comment. You may write to the Court about why you like or do not like the Settlement and/or the amount of attorneys’ fees, costs, expenses, or Class Representative service awards. The written notice of objection may be excused upon a showing of good cause. For information on how to object, see www.MintedSettlement.com. September 16, 2021
GO TO A FAIRNESS HEARING You may attend the Final Fairness Hearing where the Court may hear arguments about approval of the Settlement. You may ask to speak at the hearing on December 2, 2021. For information on the hearing, see www.MintedSettlement.com. December 2, 2021
DO NOTHING Get no payment. Give up rights. If you do nothing, you’ll get no benefits. If the Settlement becomes final, however, you will be bound by the Settlement and will give up your rights to sue Minted related to the claims in this case. No Deadline

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If any of your contact information has changed, please notify the Claims Administrator by either emailing at info@mintedsettlement.com, calling toll-free 1-877-777-9145 or write to the Settlement Administrator at Minted Settlement, c/o A.B. Data, Ltd., P.O. Box 170500, Milwaukee, WI 53217.